Hearing Services

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Australian Hearing is dedicated to helping people manage their hearing impairment so they have a better quality of life. Australian Hearing is a leading hearing services provider in Australia.

Our mission is to provide the best hearing care, the latest hearing aid technology and to lead the world in hearing research. Australian Hearing delivers full hearing services to clients eligible under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

For clients who are not eligible under the Hearing Services Program, we still offer a complimentary hearing screening assessment to adults that are arranged at the GP Superclinic every second Tuesday. Call to make your appointment.

Our clients
To be eligible for the full program a person must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and satisfy one of the following criteria:
 Pensioner Concession Card holder or their dependent (newstart excluded)
 Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold or White Repatriation Health Card holder (specifically for war related hearing loss) or their dependent
 Sickness allowance recipient or their dependent
 Member of the Australian Defence Forces
 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples aged 50 years and over
 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples participating in Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP)
 Children must only be referred if already diagnosed with a hearing loss through the hospital or Child Health Campus- call Australian Hearing for more information on (07) 477 191 00

Our Services
 Hearing assessments and the fitting of hearing devices
 Access to the latest digital hearing technology and range of assistive listening devices
 Repair and maintenance of hearing devices and supply of batteries
 Ongoing follow -up care and advice
 Rehabilitation programs

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